Tuesday, January 30, 2007


That sound you hear is a pile of work landing on me the minute I touched down in Canadia.

So after all my promises that, yes, I’ll get back to blogging, it hasn’t happened.

Anyway, things are easing off a bit (I’m not preparing classes until midnight anymore).

And I’ve been bookgaming, since it only takes a minute or two out of my day, and only every 2-3 days at that. It makes me feel as if I’m still close to my friends, just in the next room over, as it were.

What else? I went through a bad patch when I got back. After 2 solid weeks of Family and Friends coming back to an empty house felt very odd. I began to obsessively look at pictures of cats. I even went to a shelter, but came back empty-handed.

And I finally got tired of waiting for my furniture to arrive, which will be a while because I’ve not had the time to arrange a loan with the bank for the money to ship things over (note to self, must also see accountant and sort out if I can write this off against tax). So I went to IKEA. I’ve never been. IKEA is brilliant! And thanks to IKEA I now have a comfy chair and table to write this on. Working from the floor got very tiring.

Anyway, duty calls.